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Kids Critics

We here at Holiday Inn understand that the last few years have been hard, and most families are desperate to get away on a holiday. However with the changes in the economy it has made it harder to do so. Luckily for families, the things that kids love about holidays are usually not too expensive.

We did some research and came out with the following findings:

  • 91% of parents agree or strongly agree that if their child has a terrible holiday, they will too
  • Almost 93% of parents agree or strongly agree that they value their kid’s experiences on holidays over their own
  • 74% of kids said that special foods such as ice cream and pizza or pancakes make them happy on holiday

This is where Holiday Inn comes in with Kids Critics. We care what kids have to say (Plus Kids Stay & Eat Free at Holiday Inn all year!). With kids 74% of kids saying that they look forward to the special foods on holidays, we are answering the call with 24/7 FREE ICE CREAM until the end of December 2022.

How do we get a free ice cream?

This offer is valid for kids staying at Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport. Upon check-in kids will be given a kids pack. In the free kids pack will be an ice-cream coupon to redeem at front desk. This is only available at front desk – not in room service or in the restaurant.

Show this to front desk as many times as your kids like (12 years and under) and they will receive an ice cream.

All we ask in return is for your child to fill in their kids critics form and tell us what they really thought about their holiday!


What choices are there?

At this moment we are giving away Peters Dixie Cups and Rainbow Billabong.


Do you really mean 24/7 ?

For Kids 12 years and under, once they have finished their ice-cream can have as many more as they want. They would like one at 3am before your flight? Sure, why not.


When is this offer until?

This offer is valid until the end of December 2022.


How do I book my stay at Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport?

Holiday Inn Melbourne have many promotions available for guests to book their stay! We look forward to welcoming you to the hotel soon!


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