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Melbourne Insider Guide

If you have decided to stay at Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport between cities and have a day to spare? Why not take the Skybus into the Melbourne City for an adventure? We have put together a Melbourne Insider Guide to help you plan your stay in our beautiful city.


Melbourne has four seasons in one day

The weather is notably unpredictable and can change in an instant, which is why we describe Melbourne as having four-seasons-in-one-day. When you’re out and about exploring, an umbrella and jacket, or sunscreen and sunglasses may be necessary whatever time of year you’re here. If there is an ultimate tip in our Melbourne Insider Guide – then trust us on this one!!


Melbourne has a very particular and timeless approach to Fashion

There is no shortage of experimentation when it comes to fashion in Melbourne, being the home of Fashion Week in Australia and possessing some of the most trending shopping in the country. However, you’ll quickly come to realise that quintessential Melbournians are a sea of black apparel choices. This is especially noticeable during business hours and the colder months, as Melbournians express our suave dress-sense through a colour palate of various shades of darker, block colours – our cities unofficial uniform.


Melbourne has something called a ‘Myki’

A Myki pass is necessary if you plan to get around using public transport. This little green and grey card will allow you to use all trains, trams and buses; once you’re on your mode of transport, touch on your Myki by pressing it to the Myki reader. When you get off at your destination, remember to touch off to make sure you’re only charged for your journey and not the entire route! Each train station and many tram stops have Myki vending machines to purchase and top-up your pass, as well as most newsagents and 7-Eleven stores also selling Myki.


We are Australians, but originate from all over the world

Melbourne is as multicultural as they come, comprising many different ethnicties in a rich mix of culture that is observable in Melbourne. This means that there is no shortage of interesting locals willing to engage and describe their personal Melbourne story – as well as show you their little pocket of Melbourne heritage. Whether it be Chinatown or the suburb of Carlton considered ‘’Mini Italy’, engage in a travel experience that contrasts the cultures of the world with an ‘Australiana’ edge.


We will find a way to abbreviate anything and everything

Australians in general are known to shortern words and terms, giving rise to a very specific sub-lexicon of slang. We give our friends nicknames, most of which form through dropping the second half of the name and adding ‘O’ – Robbo, Simmo, Benno etc. – and even make the names of businesses more consise. In Melbourne you may see a big yellow ‘M’ with the word ‘ Maccas’ written underneath. Yes, this is still a McDonalds – just with our Australian touch. So don’t be afraid to give it a try while you’re here, or surprised when you’re expecting a ‘Good on you’ and hear ‘on ya’.

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