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Melbourne Traveller Tips

Everyone knows that travelling far can take a toll on you and you’re family. To ease the burden, Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport have put together a list of Melbourne Traveller Tips that we hope will make your holiday a great experience.


Melbourne Traveller Tips

Book Flights in Advance

Don’t be afraid to search and keep searching for the best flight deals. Compare airlines and make sure to read their terms and conditions, so that you are aware of what you’re getting for their price (as some airlines have additional charges for luggage on top of their ticket price). Make sure to buy tickets in advance and let your employers know about your time off. Additionally, if you have a layover, take advantage of it! For a few hours go beyond the airport and take a mini tour of the country you’re at, make some memories and enjoy the scenery, make the most out of your time!

Airport Transfers

Getting out of the airport is always a stressful and costly time. One of our top Melbourne Traveller Tips is to save on both and take advantage of the Sky Bus. They provide quick, accessible and affordable transfers from Melbourne Airport and Avalon Airport, 7 days a week, tailored and ready when you’re ready to travel. Enjoy seeing the sights, on their comfortable seating bus with free Wi-Fi available. Don’t worry about pre-booking as you can buy tickets super-fast on their website or their mobile app. Also there is no extra charge on excess baggage (what a bonus!).

Travel in Comfortable Clothes

When travelling, you don’t have to look like you’re preparing to walk a red carpet. Make sure that you wear comfy clothes such as leggings and/or track pants as you will be spending more than a few hours cramped in a plane. Be sure to bring a jacket as planes inside might get cold. By being comfortable in your clothes, you can have an enjoyable time travelling to and from the airport and getting some sleep on the plane.


Pack Early, Always!

If you’re a procrastinator who always leaves tasks to the last minute, it’s not a good idea to pack your bags on the same day as your flight. You are more than likely to forget something important (like underwear!). Make sure to have your bags packed one day before your flight; so that you have everything you need ready to go ensuring that you aren’t stressed on the day of your travel. Remember; only bring items that are necessary, pack light because you are more than likely to buy items and souvenirs at your destination.
Additionally, keep important items such as your passport, boarding passes, itinerary etc. always with you, in a safe place (you don’t want to lose those!). Make copies of your itinerary and photos taken, back them up on multiple devices so you don’t lose them.
Also make sure to have luggage that is easy to take, as there will be a lot of walking involved with you and your luggage within the airport. Lastly, mark your luggage so that it is easier for you to spot when collecting ensuring that you don’t accidentally take someone else’s luggage!


Pack Sunscreen

Summer in Australia is no joke. Another top Melbourne Traveller Tip is to prepare and pack sunscreen for you and your family, as you will be spending the majority of your time outside, exploring the lovely scenery and participating in the many activities Melbourne has to offer. Enjoy your holiday stay in Melbourne free of sunburns and sun cancer by staying sun smart!


Save, save and save some more!

Prepare yourself, because vacationing is not cheap, and you will be spending a lot of money on yourself, children and family; making unforgettable memories at Melbourne’s illustrious spots. So be sure to save up before your holiday and plan a budget… a realistic budget. Everyone always goes over their budget, so make sure to bring more money than you think you need.


Organise your Days

Not only do you need to budget, but you need to plan your outings, so that you make the most out of your day and don’t miss out on seeing places that interest you the most. Here at Holiday Inn Melbourne on Flinders, we’ve mapped out all the fun places you have to see in Melbourne. Also you don’t have to over-plan your day, minute by minute, as spontaneity doesn’t hurt at times!


Be Aware of Currency Exchanges

Be aware that airport exchange rates are always high. Make sure to exchange your money anywhere but the airport to ensure that you get the best exchange rates for your money!


With these Melbourne Traveller tips and Melbourne Insider Tips, you should be safe and sound while travelling, ensuring that you get the best out of your holiday! Make sure to check out our accommodation options at Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport.

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