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Top 10 Reasons to visit Melbourne

Not sure what your next holiday destination should be? Make it Melbourne and see for yourself why Melbourne was voted the most liveable city in the world for many years running. We have everything that you could possibly be looking for and more. Here are the top 10 reasons to visit Melbourne today!

Our Top 10 Reasons to Visit Melbourne

  1. Seasons to Suit Everyone in one day

Melbourne is renowned for its 4 seasons during the year; summer, autumn, winter and spring. Well get ready, because you will be experiencing all seasons throughout one day! Our famous weather needs to be experienced to be believed. So, whether you enjoy the hot, cold or in between, there will always be activities available for you and your family to do to get the best out of Melbourne.

During the summer, you won’t be doing much of anything besides going to Melbourne’s scenic and well-known beaches. Around the South-East of Melbourne you will find beaches in every suburb! Make sure to bring a jumper, you never know with Melbourne but it might go cold for at one point in the day!

Due to our weather you might think we have no snow. That incorrect, just 2-4 hours away from Melbourne CBD, there are various areas for you to snowboard, ski and enjoy the snow! Take your pick to Mt. Buller, Mt Baw Baw, there’s so many to choose.


  1. Public Transport Joys

When you get to Melbourne, you will soon realise how convenient it is to travel to your destination via public transport. Save money and forget Uber just for this holiday and use Melbourne Trams, as they are free within the CBD. Our trams are historic and Melbourne is the only city in Australia who still runs trams in and around the heart of the city. Trust me when we say, there us transport to everything!



  1. Melbourne is the Cultural Capital of Australia

When you get to Melbourne, you will soon realise there is no shortage of theatres, art galleries, museums, and live music venues scattered all around Melbourne. You won’t be bored, because there is always something going on in Melbourne; we have a festival to celebrate everything! We love our, fashion, art, music, food, film, kid’s events and multicultural festivals! Majority of our festivals are free.

  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival
  • Food and Wine Festival
  • Melbourne International Jazz Festival


  1. Melbourne is the Sports Capital of Australia

Sports fanatic? So are we! Throughout the year, Melbourne will always have a sporting event and/or celebration on during the weekend. Depending on the month you travel; you will be able to witness at least one of our most amazing Melbourne sporting events. We love our sporting events so much; we make them into public holidays!  Don’t you just want to live here forever?

  • Australian Open
  • Melbourne Cup (the race that stops the nation), The Spring Racing Carnival
  • AFL Grand Final
  • The Boxing Day Test
  • Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix

There’s a reason why Melbourne is voted the sports capital of Australia (mic drop?)


  1. Multi-Cultural Society

Melbourne is home to people from over 200 countries, with 260 different languages spoken and 135 religions represented. So what we’re saying is, no matter what your ethnicity, religion etc. you are welcome with open arms. Meet amazing people around Melbourne’s famous bars, sporting events and restaurants. You might also pick up a language or two.


  1. The Food

Do we need to say anything more? You already know how diverse and multicultural Melbourne is. Therefore, the food is not different. No matter what you are craving, whatever cuisine, you will find it in and around Melbourne. We appreciate, support and love all cultures around Melbourne and that love is shown in how good the food is down here!


  1. Values History & Architecture

Here in Melbourne we value our history, every building and statue has its own important story. Melbourne is home to old and new buildings, so take a walk through history and learn everything there is to know about Melbourne within the CBD. As you know now, transport within the CBD is free, so make a day out of it and visit our historical sights we cherish deeply.

  • Shrine of Remembrance
  • Old Melbourne Gaol
  • Immigration Museum


  1. Nature & Gardens

Melbourne is home to many beautiful gardens, bike paths and walking paths. We cherish nature, and look after our gardens. When you arrive in Melbourne, you will notice the never ending colour of green. We gardens everywhere, perfect for simple and relaxing day out.

  • Royal Botanic Garden
  • Flagstaff Gardens
  • Fitzroy Gardens


  1. Appreciation of Art, Laneways & Markets

Melbourne is well-known for graffiti art and laneways. We have a passion for everything that is art; where a group of secret artists come together to decorate our laneways. Therefore, the laneways are not a one-time visit! Also we love our markets, where Queen Victoria Market, our most renowned market filled with stalls and food resides. Definitely a place you need to visit!


  1. Our Animals

We know there are animals all around the world; but around Melbourne you will see penguins in the flesh, walking around the infamous St. Kilda pier. Not only penguins, but visit our loveable Koalas and Kangaroos native to Australia, where you have the opportunity to feed them at Moonlit Sanctuary! Truly an experience you don’t want to miss.


These are just the Top 10 reasons to visit Melbourne. The lists goes on, but to save yourself the time, why don’t you just book a flight and take your family to Melbourne and see all the amazing things on this list and then some! We’ll be here waiting for your arrival.


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