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Jet Flight Simulator

Jet Flight Simulator
Get behind the controls of a 737 Jet Airliner at Melbourne Airport with Jet Flight Simulatorused in pilot training.

Enjoy a flight experience like no other with a leader in flight simulation. Instead of being a passenger, take the controls for a first hand experience of what it’s really like to fly an airbus 320 with Melbourne’s best flight simulator experience.  

Discover what it’s like to be a licensed aeroplane pilot with Jet Flight Simulator’s full scale replica of a real 737-800NG. Located just minutes from Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport, the simulator is the perfect activity for guests looking to fill an afternoon with something different.

With 4 different flight experiences available, there is one perfect for every skill level. Choose from a 30 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute or 120 minute flight simulation and choose your favourite airport to land at.

After receiving a hands-on briefing from your experienced co-pilot, choose your weather conditions before taking off from any of 22,000 international airports. Advance down the runway then soar through the skies or swoop low over your home for the ultimate flying experience. With the assistance of your co-pilot, learn turns and handling techniques before coming down to land.

One of few full scale flight simulators in Victoria, Jet Flight Simulator offers a unique activity to try in Melbourne. On completion of your flight, receive a certificate of achievement for flying the state of the art 737-800NG Jet Airliner as a memento of your experience.

The 30 Minute Melbourne Flight Simulator Experience

As part of the 30 minute flight simulator experience, you will get to enjoy a realistic journey departing from an airport of your choice. Before climbing into the simulator, enjoy pre-flight refreshments as you are briefed by your instructor.

  • 30 minutes flying time (from when you take off)
  • Choice of airport to take off from
  • Full briefing and guidance
  • Family and friends can sit in simulator room for free
  • 30 minute flight simulation experience costs $185.00

The 60 Minute Melbourne Flight Simulator Experience

Enjoy one full hour of piloting your very own Airbus 320. Before your flight begins you will receive a full briefing and some refreshments. Then it is time to select your airport and take to the skies. This is a great choice for those wanting a ore immersive experience.

The 60 minute Melbourne flight experience includes:

  • 60 minutes of flight time
  • Choice of departure airport from a worldwide list
  • Pre-flight refreshments and briefing
  • Family and friends can sit in simulator room for free
  • 60 minute flight simulation experience costs $285.00

The 90 Minute Melbourne Flight Simulator Experience

Get ready to commandeer an Airbus 320 departing from your chosen airport. From London to Hong Kong, and Bangko to Paris, the choice is yours. Take flight in this world class Melbourne flight simulator and spend a whole hour and a half navigating the skies from the comfort of the ground. Lifelike visuals give you a truly immersive experience.

  • 90 minutes of flight simulation time (from when you take off)
  • Choose your favourite airport from a list of 1000’s
  • Pre-flight briefing and refreshments
  • Family and friends can sit in simulator room for free
  • 90 minute flight simulation experience costs $385.00

The 120 Minute Melbourne Flight Simulator Experience

Get ready for a marathon flight experience in Melbourne that lasts long enough for it to feel like a short haul flight. Cruise above the clouds in a realistic Airbus 320 and take the controls as you make your way to your arrival airport. Fly into Tokyo, Frankfurt, Hawaii, or anywhere else you fancy. This flight experience gives you 2 whole hours of flying time and will have you feeling like a real pilot in no time at all.

  • 120 minutes of flying time from when you take off
  • Choose your favourite airport to take off or land at
  • Full briefing and refreshments before the experience starts
  • Family and friends can sit in simulator room for free
  • 90 minute flight simulation experience costs $510.00

The flight simulation runs 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm. Casual and comfortable clothing is recommended. To avoid disappointment, book your flight simulator experience in advance.

If you’re interested in booking a flight for you or a friend, ask at reception when you check into Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport or click here to book direct. 

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