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Melbourne Flight Delayed Overnight

Flight Delay – What to do

Have you experienced a flight delay? Airlines do everything they can to ensure flights depart on time, but things don’t always go according to plan. If your flight from Melbourne Airport has been delayed overnight, don’t panic, we’ve got a step-by step for what to do.

Knowing what to do when things change will help you turn a stressful situation into a positive. By staying organised, you can make the most out of an extra night in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

Take a deep breath and relax. Here’s a guide on what you need to do to ensure your extra time is as enjoyable as possible.

1. Is your flight being rescheduled?

The first thing you need to do is figure out what has happened and how you can get your flight rescheduled as soon as possible. You may be able to get all the necessary information at the airline counter. Some airlines even offer for you to have your flight rescheduled online.

If you have a booking app, you might be able to sort things out quickly. Most carriers allow customers to rebook flights easily by using their respective app. Check your emails because the airline will usually email updates and next steps through to you. If you’re feeling lost and don’t know what to do, you may want to call the airline’s customer service right away. Long lines can add to the confusion; gate agents and other staff members may not be able to answer all your questions.

Don’t let this travel interruption affect the end of your trip. You may be exhausted and stressed, but keep your cool. Carriers will often rebook passengers for no additional fee, even for non-refundable fares.

2. If your flight is cancelled collect your bags

If you’ve already checked in your bags by the time the delay/cancellation is announced, you may have to wait a while to get your bags back.

Unfortunately there’s no way of getting around the baggage collection process, but one option is to consider avoiding checking in luggage altogether!

Now, this is not always possible (especially if you’re on holiday or are travelling for longer periods), but if you can, why not look up the maximum carry-on baggage limits and use the space you are given to skip the baggage collection carousel process. If the unexpected does happen, it’s a pretty good feeling to be able to stroll past all the other way-laid customers with your small wheelie bag and laptop/ suit bag/ handbag on your way to a relaxed, stress-free night at a hotel close to Melbourne airport.

3. Don’t panic, make your decisions at the airport

Instead of trying to figure out everything on the spot, take a moment to find somewhere comfortable to make your arrangements in one of the many snack bars and restaurants that are open 24 hours.

  • Hudsons Coffee: T2, landside.
  • Hungry Jack’s: T2, airside, near Gate 3.
  • Macchinetta: T3, landside, Level M.
  • McDonald’s: T3, landside, in the T1/T2 Walkway.

You’ll find free WiFi in most of the airport’s bars and restaurants. Free Wifi is also available through the airport. Just connect to the ‘Airport Free WiFi’ network from terminals 2, 3, and 4. If you’d rather not join the free network, you can gain access to the paid—and faster—‘MELBOURNE AIRPORT’ connection. Rates range from 4-20 AUD for 15-120 minutes of service.

Do you need Airport Accommodation for your flight delay?

Once you’ve rescheduled your flight and know when you’ll be flying the next morning/afternoon, you’ll have to find accommodation near Melbourne/ Tullamarine Airport.

Some airlines may give you an allowance for your overnight accommodation that you can get reimbursed back to you later, so ask about this at the airline customer service counter/ phone line.

When it comes to accommodation near Tullamarine Airport, Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport is the preferred choice for many travellers. Located just 400 metres from the airport terminals, our hotel accommodation and facilities are some of the best in the area.

In terms of transport from the airport, some hotels offer a shuttle service to and from the airport, but not all do so make sure you have a way of safely arriving at your airport accommodation.

Book with Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport and take advantage of the complimentary shuttle bus that gets you in and out of the airport/hotel in a matter of minutes.

It’s also easy enough to arrange an Uber from the airport, or if you want more freedom, you can also hire a car, and make the most out of the Park, Stay & Go package at Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport. Enjoy a premium overnight accommodation experience with parking at great rates.

What to do the next day after your flight delay at Melbourne Airport

Start your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast at the hotel. The Vargas Restaurant & Bar is open daily from 5:30 am. Enjoy delicious buffet spreads inspired by the best local produce. A dedicated egg chef is on hand from 6am to cook eggs to order. You can also hit the gym to get some movement in before your flight.

If you’d rather see more of Melbourne in the morning, here are some closeby restaurants with great breakfast and lunch options:

  • Little Sister Caffe. Often referred to as Keilor East’s little gem. This friendly cafe boasts bright interiors and a courtyard out the back, perfect for those warm summer days,
  • Carbone Cafe. Known for its great Italian coffee, Italian classics (including pizza) and warm atmosphere. What more could you ask for?
  • St Rose. Good coffee and simple food are the St Rose’s two biggest secrets. A humble little cafe that just does things right.

Activities in the Melbourne Airport area

If you’ve already made all the necessary arrangements and have some time to kill, you’d be delighted to find out that some of Melbourne’s most exciting destinations are close to the airport:

  • Woodlands Historic Park (approx. 4min by car)
  • URBNSurf Park (4min)
  • Organ Pipes Historic Park (6min)
  • Living Legends (4min)
  • Cliff Harvey Lagoon Reserve (5min)
  • Melbourne Zoo (15min)
  • Melbourne Aquarium (19min)

With so many things to see and do in Melbourne, rescheduled or cancelled flights don’t have to be the end of the world. Keep your cool, get your airport accommodation near Tullamarine sorted, and make the most out of the change of plans.

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