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Smart Traveller – Travel Tips

Monthly travel tips from the team at Holiday Inn to help make travelling easier.

There’s a lot to plan when you’re going away and whether you’re taking a holiday or travelling for business, you want getting there to be as smooth as possible. This month we’ve compiled our top travel tips on packing and luggage security to help you with the little things so you have more time for planning the fun.

1. Pack light. Avoiding luggage check in is the number one tip for a smooth trip. Not only will you save time not waiting around at luggage carousels, you’ll have less to lug around between destinations. “You can pack quite a lot into carry on luggage, I hardly ever check luggage in unless it’s a really big trip,” says Glen Cotterill, Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport’s senior guest experience manager.

2. Share your itinerary. If you do have check in luggage, make sure your destination address is visible on the outside and pack an itinerary with your contact information and e-mail address in a visible place inside your bag. This way if your luggage is misplaced, you can be easily contacted to retrieve it. “I’ve found putting a forwarding address on the outside of your bag is the quickest way to ensure it gets back to you if it does get misplaced,” says Holiday Inn sales director Simon Rees.

3. Carry your valuables. Always pack fragile and expensive items in your carry on luggage, never your checked bags. “I always carry my laptop, electronics and documentation with me when flying. That kind of stuff is expensive and difficult to replace so if it’s in your hand luggage you can rest assured it’s safe the entire journey,” says Holiday Inn Melbourne on Flinders hotel manager Garry Beadle.

4. Wrap it up. If you have international connections, consider using one of the luggage wrapping services available at most major airports. About $10 will see your luggage tightly wrapped in a strong layer of plastic making it obvious if there’s been any tampering. “If airport security opens your bag, they’ll rewrap it for free so it’s a great option for added security,” says Holiday Inn Melbourne on Flinders executive sous-chef Scott Horn.

5. Weigh in. Always check your airline’s luggage weight limits and weigh your bags before you get to the airport to avoid getting stung with extra baggage charges. “I always pack under just in case, that way there’s room to bring back things I buy on holiday!” says Holiday Inn marketing executive Alice Urbahn.


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