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Family Activities

Melbourne is a great city to explore with kids, the streets are flat and easy to negotiate and children love to ride the trams. This means that there are plenty of family activities for children of all ages. Holiday Inn

Melbourne Insider

Melbourne is known for its buzzing culture and hidden secrets. For an outsider travelling to Melbourne for the first time, this vast city can seem like a lot to take in. This is why it’s perfectly understandable to feel a

Traveller Tips

Let’s be real: even though holidays are supposed to be relaxing, they can sometimes be tiring and stressful. From planning out your itinerary to trying to pack everything in your suitcase, these moments can make a holiday seem like a

Melbourne Insider Guide

If you have decided to stay at Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport between cities and have a day to spare? Why not take the Skybus into the Melbourne City for an adventure? We have put together a Melbourne Insider Guide to

Foodies Insider Guide to Melbourne

The top 10 Foodies Insider Guide to Melbourne experiences that are uniquely us and are essential to taste while you are here. The mother of brunch culture, wine bars and street food worthy of a Michelin star –Melbourne is known

Melbourne Day Trip

There is so much to see outside of the city, so make a Melbourne day trip with your family and friends to explore the beauty Victoria has to offer.   Our 4 favourite Melbourne Day Trips   Visit the Penguins

Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne

Melbourne F1 Grand Prix: Top 10 Tips   The Australian Grand Prix will be in Melbourne in 2023, so in the race towards the big date, we’ve prepared a checklist to ensure you get off and running without a hitch.

Australian Open Melbourne

Australian Open Tennis in Melbourne For the last fortnight in January, Melbourne takes centre stage with the welcoming of past and present tennis stars for the Australian Open. This tournament is the first of the four Grand Slam tennis events

Top 10 Reasons to visit Melbourne

Not sure what your next holiday destination should be? Make it Melbourne and see for yourself why Melbourne was voted the most liveable city in the world for many years running. We have everything that you could possibly be looking

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